June 21, 2018

OUR TEAM: David Magbee



David joined the Verden Group team in the Spring of 2016 and lent his skills to a variety of aspects of our "sister company's" business, from managing ViewPoint’s website to internal process analysis through developing into the main Payer credentialing expert.  David works with IPMSO Members for their credentialing needs.

His experience also includes branding, business development, marketing and project management for the profit and not-for-profit sectors. He has a bachelor’s degree in business from Goshen College, and has worked in the entertainment, information technology, and service industries, as well as healthcare. In addition to his work at Verden and IPMSO, he is executive director of Better Farm, a sustainability campus, artists’ colony, animal sanctuary and organic farm in the Thousand Islands Region of Northern New York.

David’s other passions include homesteading, motorcycle riding and wrenching, yoga, radio broadcasting, travel, and volunteer work.