September 11, 2017



IPMSO Members have not yet received log-in information for our Member Portal.
We will give out Log-In Information once the site is ready.

As a Member of IPMSO you not only benefit from vaccine and medical supply savings as well as the other carefully curated services we offer, you also have access to our Membership Portal!

Please Log-In to the IPMSO Member Portal Using the Log-In Information Given to You By IPMSO

Our Membership Portal Includes:

IPMSO Updates & News: Updates and News about IPMSO as well as any other information we find relevant to call IPMSO Members' attention to.

Medical Supply Purchasing Information: On-Demand Information about Medical Supply Purchasing.

Vaccine Purchasing Information: On-Demand Information about Vaccine Purchasing.

Additional Services Information: On-Demand Information about IPMSO's Additional Services.

Ask IPMSO!: Send IPMSO Staff a question on-the-spot without the hassle of opening up your email.

If you are a participant with IPMSO and have not yet received your log-in information for our portal, please let us know by emailing  Thank you!